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A*S*Y*S  Tracid Traxxx records Frank Ellrich Germany
DJ Alex Butcher Alex Butcher Germany
Airbase Jezper Söderlund Sweden
Airwave       INFO Laurent Véronnez Sweden
Alphazone   INFO Alex Zwarg & Arne Reichelt Germany
Armin van Buuren   INFO

Born in Holland. A phrase he often uses is: 'don't be prisoner of your own style'. Armin likes to describe his musical style as euphoric, uplifting, melodic and energetic. Armin has been working hard on his DJ career, performing at an average of more than two gigs per weekend. According to him "the fans and the public are the most important thing for a DJ".Because he strongly believes in the importance of his fans... More info on

Angy Dee   Link 2 Angelica Fravi Female trance DJ from Switzerland, won a She-DJ contest presented by the music channel VIVA. Germany
André visior André Visior Germany
Adrima Members: Akira Yamamoto, Caba Kroll, CJ Stone, Henning Reith Germany
ATB André Tanneberger Germany
Axel Coon Axel Coon Germany
Armin Van Buuren

ARMIN VAN BUUREN , Label: Armada music

Accuface Marlon Jurs Germany
Antiloop Robin Söderman & David Westerlund Progressive Dance music act from Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden
Astral Projection Avi Nissim, Lior Perlmutter & Yaniv Haviv
Absolom A project by Christophe Chantzis, the same guy that's also part of the DJ Jan, DJ Glenn, Astroline and Ian Van Dahl projects. Christophe has made remixes for all Belgian dance groups but also for foreign groups like Future Breeze, Komakino, Organ and the swedisch Ace of Base. Live acts were done with Pascale Feront (vocals), two dancers (Cindy & Ellen) and Christophe behind the keyboards. Later Ellen joined Praga Khan. More info: Belgium
Aquagen - Germany
Beam Michael Urgacz Germany
Beam & Yanou Michael Urgacz & Yann Pfeifer Germany
Binary Finary Matt Laws & Stuart Matheson Netherlands
Blank & Jones Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones Germany
Cj Stone Andreas Litterscheid Germany
Caba Kroll - Germany
Commander Tom Tom Weyer He has played almost all of the big raves including Energy 92-96, Tribal Gathering, Omni 93, Rave City 3&4, Union Move, Time Tunnel, and all of the Love Parades. He has played all over the world and he still finds time to run 7 labels. Commander Tom is not only the label leader of the successful German Noom imprint, but is in charge of several other companies and also owns Deluxe Sound Lab Studios 1 and 2. More info on Germany
Cosmic Gate ...akka DJ Bossi Germany
Cirillo Andrea Raggi Italy
Charly Lownoise

Charly has been producing music since 92 and also got his own label, Seashore Music. He has had big success with his longtime partner Mental Theo, with which he formed the "crazy" duo Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo.

Cygnus X Ralf Hildenbeutel & Matthias Hoffman Germany
Dee Dee

Diana Trippaers. Dee Dee is a project by Tommy Kidjemet, Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen. (Absolom, Ian Van Dahl), Erik Vanspauwen (Ian Van Dahl). More info:

DJ Wag Uwe wagenknecht Germany
DJ Comet

Andy aka DJ Comet.Resident @ Kinki Palace - hombase of Klubbingman

DJ Jurgen Jurgen Rijkers -
DJ Digress Rene Kupper Germany
Dave Joy Marc Hunziker Germany
Dynamic D's DJ Dean & Danny K. (Martin Schmidt & Danny K. ) Germany
Dave 202 Davide Tropeano. Dave202 published his first own production in May 1998. (Latenight Compilation Vol. 1 of Oxa Club) More info at, Switzerland 
DJ Sammy dp  Super M Records DJ Sammy Samuel Bouriah Spain
DJ Tomcraft Thomas Brückner Germany
DJ Pure  C3 "Tranceescape" Antonio Gasser Switzerland 
DJ Dean Martin Schmidt . DJ Dean started his music career already as a kid while he was still living with his parents. In 1992 he proceeded his career in a proffessional way by entering the Hamburger Club-scene. First started by playing Hardcore and later on Trance. In 1995 Dean became Resident DJ of Hamburg's famous Club 'Tunnel'. Germany
DJ Dream R.Segura Switzerland
DJ Noise Voice Noise Rec. ZH Patrick Finger  A Techno / Progressive Trance DJ Switzerland 
DJ Energy   DJ Energy Roger Beglinger  BIOGRAPHIE Switzerland
DJ Quicksilver Orhan Terzi & Tommasso De Donatis - Info- Germany
DJ Scot Project Overdose records Frank Zenker, BIOGRAPHIE (Deutsche Version)  INFO , Aliases: Arome, De Zenk, DJ Scot, Frank Zenker, Hypnosis, Kerosin, L'espace, Lostsidon, TOCS Germany
DJ Shog WEA records

Sven Greiner  As in the foregoing tours for the Technics DJ Set compilation he is not only going to visit well-known clubs in Germany but also abroad, like Ibiza, Poland and Austria. Together with one of the currently most successful producer-team his first Solo-Single 'DJ SHOG - This Is My Sound' arised. Members of this production team of DJ SHOG are Claus Terhoeven, André Wevers and Errik Schmeier, who were also acting - by the way - for successful projects like Cosmic Gate, Essential DJ-Team, Starsplash and Green Court. DJ Shog has also recently released “The Second Dimension” and “Another World” on Logport Recordings.

More info :

DJ Lee Michael-Lee aka DJ Lee Germany
DJ Samp-ling  Germany
DJ s.p.u.d. Oliver Nikolow Germany
Dj Warmduscher Thilo Markwort Germany
Dj Shah  Radio SunshineLive Roger P. Shah Germany
Dj Shane Martin Bock Germany
DJ Westbam  Low spirit records Maximilian Lenz Germany
DJ Gangsta - Switzerland 
DJ Snowman#2  Friendship Rec. Patrick van Kerckhoven Switzerland 
DJ Mind-x  Harem Rec. & Propeller Rec. Berner Andre Forrer Switzerland 
DJ Tatana  Data Records Tatana Sterba Switzerland 
DJ Mellow D. City: Hamburg Germany
DJ’s@Work Music Style: Hard Trance Germany
DJ Derb / Kai Cold Tracid Traxxx records Kai Winter & Boris Hafner Germany
DJ Weichei Name: Cihan "Ali" Güngör,  Alibee akka DJ Weichei, Music styles: Hard Trance, Techno, Progressive Germany
DJ Mass in Orbit  Overdose records Alex Adam; Music style: Trance/Hardtrance Germany
DJ Tom-X  Sony, Zeitgeist, Fog Area  records

Name: Thomas BruchschmidtS

Music style:Trance, Progressive

Flutlicht alias DJ Natron Daniel Heinzer, Marco Guardia
Ferry Corsten

A pioneer and a dynamic force in the electronic dance music industry, Ferry Corsten never ceases to amaze, awe and even challenge his music contemporaries with the zest and talent he has in his productions and musical sets. He is widely recognized for opening the flood gates of dutch producers and djs to the international music scene...more on

Mat Silver  Above the Sky Records

Name: Matthias Scheffler . One of the leading artists on Above The Sky Records, started with music and dj-ing in the time of the legendary German clubs like Omen and Dorian Gray. Nowadays he is playing in clubs throughout Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, USA, UK and at major international events such as the Loveparade (Berlin), Desert Rave (Arizona) and the Streetparade (Zurich).

Matt Darey Matt Darey has been one of the Pioneers of Trance since its early days in 1994 and a Major influence on the next Generation of trance DJ’s and Producers. Now after 10 years of bringing quality trance to clubbers all over the world Matt now celebrates with the launch of his own label Darey Products ...more on his site Germany
Martin Eyerer Martin Eyerer. More info at,, Germany
Marc et Claude Marc Romboy, Klaus Derichs & Jurgen Dreissen. Romboy also collaborated with Thomas P. Heckmann on the track "Ultra Vixens" featured on several mix cd complilations. Germany
Marc Jerome  interview

Music style: techno / trance;He is also known as: @dam,Hypetraxx...

DJ Beta4  Musikstyle: Trance, Mellowtrance, Hardtrance Name: Jürgen Resident: Pickup Hardtranceclub @ Radio Sunshine Live , Tranceportation Sinsheim - Steinsfurt (Schindwaldhalle) Germany
DJ Jean

Jan Engelaar. Started in 1988 as a hiphop DJ and won the national mixing championships. In the early nineties, he changed his style from hiphop into club music and started playing as resident-DJ in the famous club "iT" in Amsterdam. In the late nineties he played all over the world and all major dance-events in The Netherlands: Sensation, Dance Valley, Innercity, Trance Energy, Impulz, etc... In the 21st century DJ Jean is still one of the leading Dutch DJ's.

Don Diablo Don Schipper Netherlands

Jurgen Mutschall & Dominik de Leon. (De Leon, DJ JamX ). Dumonde's animated synths and wantonly exalted sense of drama continued in remixes for Alice Deejay, Push, and Barthezz and their rising DJ popularity, matched by follow-up singles like "See the Light" and "Never Look Back," made them reasonably important figures in the landscape of mainstream German trance. More info:

Diggerman - Germany
DJ Natron Known as flutlicht. -
DJ Pedro Del Mar Pedro Del Mar Germany
DJ Sequenza Overdose records - Germany
Jones & Stephenson Lightning, Bonzai records Frank Sels & Axel Stephenson Germany
Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten. Next to his producing activities Ferry is a renowned international DJ, spinning in front of record crowds at the hottest locations in the world. The Ministry of Sound dance compilation series entitled Trance Nation mixed by Ferry Corsten/system F is one of the best selling dance compilations in the UK and has been awarded the platinum status and Trance Nation 4 is already in the planning. In October of 1999, Ferry Corsten has been elected as "Producer of the Year" during the Ericsson Muzik. He has got many awards... More:

Gladheadz Samk Pink & Thilo Markwort (DJ Warmduscher) Germany
Greencourt Markus Bolk Germany
Gary D Gerald Malke Germany
Hypertraxx Germany
High power Kevan Rashidi Germany
Hennes & Cold  Tracid Traxxx records Michael Hennes and Kai "Kan Cold" Germany
Ian Van Dahl Ian Van Dahl is the project of Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen. Ian Van Dahl was founded in the beginning of 2000. Christophe Chantzis is no stranger in the Belgian dance scene... he was already involved in projects like Absolom and Astroline in the past and now he's back to conquer the world. Together with the leading vocalist Annemie Coenen, they together form Ian Van Dahl. More info: Belgium
JFS Jan Schwoon & Florian Schwoon Germany
Kate Ryan

Katrien Verbeeck. Year 2001 - Her big break came with track  Scream for more, Kate’s debut single, was produced by Phil Wilde, once the producer behind 2 Unlimited, Def Dames Dope and C.B. Milton. Kate’s management 2Brains Music saw her star rising abroad in no time: the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Africa, the Uk and the States were the first in line to welcome the new star on the airwaves.

More info:

Kaylab Olli Klitzing Germany
Kay Cee - Germany
Kai Tracid  Tracid Traxxx records Kai Mac Donald ---- Trance & Acid = Tracid  --- Germany
Klubbingman   Radio SunshineLive

Tommy Schleh

Resident: Kinki Palace-Club Discothek Sinsheim

Kosmonova Michael Nehrig Germany
Liquid sun Logic records (US) Christian Weber, Oliver Wagner & Elmar von Cramon Germany
Lady Tom Simone Kromer Switzerland
Lange Stuart Langelaan

Lasgo is a brandnew dance act which has their first hit in Belgium with their debut-single Something right now. (6/2001) The act itself consists of Peter Luts ( Producer, Keyboard player), David Vervoort (Producer, Keyboard player, singer) and Evi Goffin (frontwoman, singer). Dave McCullen contributes the lyrics and melodies.More info at:

Lady Tom  Dos Or Die Records Simone Kromer BIOGRAPHIE Switzerland
Mark Norman Mark de Jong & Norman Lenden
Marco V

Marco Verkuylen

Info on:

Max B Grant  Blutonium records. ETX Records 

Massimo Briganti. Origin: Italy.Dj number one in Switzerland, resident at Oxa, Mad, Energy, Sonic, Goliath, Nautilus, White Wolf…, and he is often playing abroad ! namely in France, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Austria, and mainly  in Holland. For agencies as Q-Dance or ID&T ! To name a few Trance Energy, Qlimax, Defqun, Decibel Outdoor, Matrix Club…His Label ETX Records  is positively one of the major  part of his music outside of Swiss borders! Producer on Blutonium Rec, Stik Records and Wicked! Rmx for names as : Blutonium Boy, Vortex,  Harry Klein, Sisma Dj…More on:

Megara Nils Karsten Germany
Masterboy It all began in the summer of 1989 when the producer and musician Enrico Zabler and the DJ Tommy Schleh (Klubbingman) meet at a party in London. Together they formed the band Masterboy. More info - Germany
Mark'Oh - Info from - Germany
Marc van linden Marc van linden Germany
Marc Aurel
Euer Marc
Mario lopez Thomas Schatz Germany
Mario Piu  BXR - Media records Mario Piu Italy
Mauro Picotto  BXR Records Mauro Picotto Italy
Niels van Gogh   INFO Niels van Gogh Germany
Oliver Klitzing ... also known as reloop and kaylab Germany
Push Akka  / M.I.K.E. / Plastic Boy / Moon Project / Belgium
Pulsedriver  Tracid Traxxx records Slobodan Petrovic jr. alias DJ Tibby Switzerland
Paul Van Dyk Paul Van Dyk    Info on:,, Germany
Ravers on Dope EMI Electrola - Germany
Ronald van den Beuken  INFO Ronald van den Beuken Germany
Randy Katana   INFO Randy Joubert Netherlands
Rocco Sven Gruhnwald Germany
Rank 1

Benno de Goeij & Piet Bervoets .  Their records are put on the decks by numerous DJ's and they are asked for remixes by Jean, Ferry Corsten and Cygnus X. But it is their own 'Airwave', the theme of Innercit. Hollands biggest indoor danceparty, that puts RANK 1 really in the spotlights. Their remix of Cygnus X's 'Superstring' was last years Sensation theme.

More info:

System F (Ferry Corsten) Ferry Corsten Germany
Svenson   INFO Sven Maes Belgium
Shane 54   INFO Elod Csaszar
Sam Sharp / Sander van Doorn  INFO Sander Ketelaars
Special D Dennis Horstmann Germany
Scooter - Info from - Germany
System F Ferry Corsten Germany
Sakin & Friends Sakin Bozkurt, Torsten Stenzel & Janet Taylor Germany
Starsplash DJ Team

Charly Lownoise & Franky Tunes.

Franky Tunes has been producing music under the Pseudonym Topmodelz.   - More info -

Sam Punk Samuel Skrbinsek. German Harddance/Hardstyle/Techno artist. He was born in 1972 in Slovenia.
Owner of the hardstyle label Steel Records.
Steve Murano Steffen Friedrich Germany
Sylver & Wout  Byte Records

Sylver was the Belgian hype of the summer of 2000. (single Turn the tide).And the success starts spreading from Netherlands to Germany and other European countries. The producers of the project are two Belgian guys, Wout Van Dessel en Regi Penxten. Wout Van Dessel is known for his outstanding remixes and is also one of the resident DJ's of discotheque Illusion in Lier. Regi Penxten is the face and together with Philip Vandueren , the brains behind another successful Belgian project, namely Milk Inc.

More info:

Stefano Noferini  ACV Records Stefano Noferini Italy
Solid Slide Angelo Bott; Style: Trance/Chillout/Celtic Switzerland
Sunbeam Michael Gerlach & Florian Preis Germany
Tory Kay - Germany
Trancecooperation DJ Team

Name: Casper & Evil Dig.

Style: Trance, hard Trance, Progressive hard Trance.

Resident: Bass club Sunshine Live - Pick UP

Timo Maas  Tracid Traxxx records Timo Maas
Tiesto, Link 2 Tijs Verwest. In 2002 and 2003 he was chosen as "Most Popular DJ in the World". On May 10 2003 he was the first DJ ever to give a solo-stadium-concert. Netherlands
Tom wax Thomas Wedel. The breakthrough came in 1992 with Arpeggiators when they got signed by Harthouse, the young label of techno guru Sven Väth. Since then Tom, in corporation with various friends, produced one record after the other, worked at a number of labels as A&R and consequently followed his path becoming one of the most popular rave and club DJs. Germany
Tony - H  Bxr - Media records Daniele Tognacca Italy
Trance Allstars   #link2 Members: DJ Taucher, Talla 2XLC, Schiller, ATB, Sunbeam and DJ Mellow -D Germany
Taucher Zeitgeist Records-- Ralph Armand Beck Germany
Talla 2XlC  Andreas Tomalla. Until 2000 all tracks were produced with Vernon Baur. Since 2000 his productions are done with J.D. Wood & Frost.Talla was part of the end '80s, early '90s EBM and Industrial projects "Moskwa TV", "MCL", "Robotiko Rejecto", and "Bigod 20". Germany
Tillmann Uhrmacher Radio SunshineLive Tillmann Uhrmacher Germany
Vincent De Moor - Netherlands

Francisco Ruiz, Vicente Ruiz, Marcos Ruiz.Viframa was the name created by the producers and brothers Vicente, Francisco and Marcos
Ruiz for making music together. With more five years in producing for themselves theydecided to released their first work together, this one was the track Viframa - Cristalle.It has been supported by the biggest djs and producers like Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and many more...

Voodoo & Serano CJ Stone, DJ VooDoo, Serano Germany
Warmduscher  Tracid Traxxx rec - Germany
Westbam  Low - spirit records

Maximilian Lenz, co-founder of Berlin's Indie Dance label, Low Spirit. BIOGRAPHIE.

More info:

Yakooza Ovredose productions Uwe Wagenknecht & Mike Misa Germany
Yves De Ruyter Lightning Records/Bonzai records Yves De Ruyter Belgium
Ziggy X  Aqualoop records Thomas Fenske Germany
Zenith F.Franchi Italy