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Stunned Guys Traxtorm rec.

Massimiliano Monpoli & Gianluca Rossi.

Formers of their own label: Traxtorm records.Relased hits like Army of hardcore, Bombing eardrums, Thrilseeka and many many more. They are also known as: ALCOOLIK ROW, BABA NATION, TURBOLENZA, WASTING PROGRAM.

Alien T  Traxtorm rec. Marco Collini Info
Art of Fighters  - Meccano Twins

Cristian Nardelli, Luca Lorini,Matteo Pitossi.

An terrible important part of integration of Traxtorm records. Their production found a big success all over the Europe. With Art of fighters..the stage is jumping!

Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied The Stunned Guys, DJ Mad Dog, Art of Fighters and Unexist
Armageddon project  Head Fuck Records

Delgrano Matteo & Croce Stefano

Alternative Creators Massimiliano Monopoli, D. Jaxx, G. Prezioso & Zenith
Bike A. Dilillio
Baba Nation Massimiliano Monopoli
Core Pusher , Random entertainmenti

Pietro Marrone & Federico Poletti

Da Beatblower

Massimiliano Monopoli

(Stunned Guys member)

DJ S'pete New producer on G-Net/Traxtorm Records

Diego Buffoni . Aliases: Overdrums In Groups: Angels Entity, Angels Of Darkness, Noize Creator , Psychorudes

DJ Bike Member of So-Real crew and he represents 50% of Noize Supressor

Dunderhead, D-boy black label

Member of So-real music group, D-Boy black label

Digital Boy  D-Boy rec.

Luca Pretolesi member of So-Real crew


The Destroyer  D-Boy rec.

Pierpaolo Salamone

Gabber Mafia

Christian Bergamini, Stefano Baravelli, Alessandro


Giorgio coniglione. Also known as: Evil entity

Impulse Factory 

Cristian Itali & Marco Tilocca

Jappo Unexist . DT6 inc

Iapicca Francesco


Lancinhouse & DJ Jappo 

Claudio Renato Lancini & Jappo


Claudio Lancinhouse

He represents Hardcore warriors from all over the world...respected and loved by all...he produced various  discs on various labels like Mokum, Traxtorm, Industrial Strength..

Mad Dog Filippo Calcagni

Noize Suppressor  Noize rec.

A.Dilillo/A.hiappini, Member of So-Real crew

Placid K  D-Boy records

Giorgio Campailla


G. Prezioso & A. Jacobone

Randy 909% records & Head Fuck rec.

Stefano Landi.

He is one of the most famous Hardcore Italian deejays. His technic of mixing is perfect! He is a creator of RND promotion and his label 909% records.


System 3  Aeon records

Piero Scarato Info

Traxxtorm Connection

Massimiliano Monopoli & Gianluca Rossi


Daniele Ferrari



T-Factor Impulse Rec.


Three Village

Carmine Palozzi, Antonio Faella,Vittorio Faella.


The Wishmaster  D-Boy rec.

Fulvio Stramaccioni, member of So-Real crew

The Reactor & Raoul

Giorgio Brazo & Antonio Zannini

Traxxtorm Connection

Massimiliano Monopoli & Gianluca Rossi

Nico & Tetta  Traxtorm records

Resident deejays in Florida - multisala disco (Italy-Brescia). They are the real legend of old hardcore hits; they are producing various tracks on Traxtorm records  
Wasting Program Massimiliano Monopoli, alias aka
3 Village Carmine Palozzi, Antonio Faella & Vittorio Faella
DJ Tieum M.Fournier Info
DJ Radium Daniel Técoult
Micropoint Daniel técoult, denis cohen-scali. dj Radium aka Micropoint
Dr Macabre

Guillaume Leroux

also known as Lunatic Asylum, French Connection, Negative Burn, MAnga Corps, Slad Burger,renegade legion.

Liza 'n' Eliaz  Liza 'N Eliaz , also known as Stockenhouse. 26/02/1958 - 19/02/2001
(Liza N'Eliaz,Delta nine,Micropoint..).................. épithète Record
Manu le Malin: Industrial Strength

Emmanuel Dauchez.

This guy who is from France started his career in 1992. He released his tracks on Industrial Strenght Records also he is the Man behind the Biomechanik Series (on CD & Vinyl) .



Death Noize Dj Naz-T, Maxx Hardcore
DJ Cosmico & DJ Blox (The serial Killers) Leader deejays in panorama of Austrian hardcore... very appreciated also in Germany & Switzerland.
Nasenbluten  Bloody Fist rec.

Aaron Lubinski, David Melo, Mark Newlands



Hatebusters Hardcore duo from Spain Info

DJ Ron P.T.P.

Leader od PTP and creator of the most popular parties in Germany. His technic of mixing is perfect!  

DJ Skinhead 

Sal Mineo

Human Resource  K.N.O.R. Rec (XSV-Music)

Guido Pernet & Robert Mahu

Marc Acardipane

Acardipane rec. Org.: RES Entert. Gmbh

Marc Trauner. Known as Nasty Django,Rave creator,P.C.P,The Mover, Marshall Masters, Inferno Bros, 6-Pack, Turbulence 'n Terrorists, Pilldriver, Mescalinum United.


Slavefriese  D.N.A. records

Robert Friese


Miroslav Pajek

known also as Jack Lucifer, Steve Shit, Overlord, Scorpion, Cobra, Tschabos, Billy The Kid, Reign, Evidence, Bold Bob, E-Man, StickHead, Frozen, Rat Of Doom, Destination,Hypnotizer.

Nordcore g.m.b.h

Michael hartmann. Also known as: Butcher, liquidator, lord nord, quindoor, stereoid

Nasty Django = Marc Acardipane

Marc Acardipane

PCP   Dance Extasy 2001, Cold Rush, Kotzaak

Marc Acardipane & Slam Burt

Nordcore GMBH  Nordcore rec.

M. Hartmann, Hardcore/Terror Group From Hamburg, Germany
Turbulence = Marc Acardipane Marc Acardipane




Danny Masseling 

Also known as: Menace II Society, Kid Morbid, Bloodcage, Denekamps Gespuis.

Abraxas Jeff F. Porter
Archatos Rodney Balai & Michael Klaassen
Brian Acardy Sebastian Hoff, also known as DJ Promo, Innerdrive, rude Awakening
Bonzai Paul Roger Elstak
Big Deal Jeroen Streunding & Danny Greten, aslo known s Kabaal, The Fuck-Ups
Chico Chipolata Rob Fabrie, also known as SFR, Dark Impulses, The Headbanger
Cemon victa  DNA Records R. Stap & R. Dragstra Info
Commotion Dov J. Elkabas, also known as Marquiz De Sade, Hoodoo Man
Drokz Richard Koek. Also known as: Coffee core cru, mc drokz, musical vandals, Richard.K, Ritchie Gambino, Tha Party Gangsta
Day-Mar Dagmar Otto,Dutch Hardcore DJ, born May 24th, 1984. Dagmar started DJing in 2003, and had her breakthrough with her appearance on the Masters Of Hardcore party at Thialf Heerenveen in April 2005.

DJ Brisk

Paul Nineham

DJ Kristof

Kristof van der Meiren,

The former resident DJ of Club X who has made it to the top of the hardcorescene. One of the biggest hardcore dj's of Belgium.

Dark Impulses Rob Fabrie
D'Spyre Patrick van Kerckhoven
D'Sporphin Erwin van Kan & Patrick van Kerckhoven

Dione = E-noid - DNA Records

Eric Ypma, Also known as: Ampy Kire, S.R.B., Whousers


Elite Forces  Rotterdam Records Kimo Arends, Taco Arends en Marcel Heijink
Forze DJ Team DJ Paul, DJ Panic and DJ Lars... the Forze DJ Team
Guitar Rob F. R. Verkerk
Rave Creator Marc Acardipane
25 % Of The Dreamteam Mark Vos, also known as Pino D'Ambini, Tony Salmonelli
50 % Of The Dreamteam Mark Vos & Dov J. Elkabas
The Dreamteam -
3 Steps Ahead Peter-Paul Pigmans (R.I.P. - 31.1.1961 - 27-8-2003 ) Isimo... Also known as The Ender, The Illegal Alien, Silverbells.
Bodylotion = Neophyte = Masters of Ceremony

Jeroen Streunding alias DJ Neophyte,  Danny Greten.

Relased classics like Braincracker, Always hardcore, Get this motherfucker and many many more. The hardest man in Rotterdam.

Bass D & DJ King Mathew Eugenio Dorwart  & Matthijs Hazeleger 
Bulldozer Dennis Moerkerk
Bald Terror = Paul Elstak Roger Paul Elstak,
Buzz Fuzz   BZRK rec. Mark.Vos - Dream team known as Bone Crusher, Square Dimension
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Ramon Roelofs & Theo Nabuurs
Chosen Few  Mokum Rec.,Fukem Rec., H2O rec. Francois Prijt   known as Original Gabba & DJ Prijt, Strontium 9000
Cemon Victa Ricardo Stap & Ruud Dragstra
Catscan - Catscan Ltd. Bart Kok
Dr. Z-Vago = Negative A  - DNA Records

Angelo Goede

Danger Hardcore Team (DHT) Bas van Tilburg (DJ Bass), Flor Theeuwes (MC Jerky), Idris & Indra 't Jolle (The Twins), Godfried Vanluffelen (DJ Sub-Zero)  
DJ Rob Gee New Jersey USA Robert Gilmore known as Riot Squad
DJ Rob & MC Joe Rob Janssen & ?
DJ Rob Fabrie = Alienator = Waxweazle... Rob Fabrie Info
Dano Mokum Rec., Fukem Rec. Daniel Leeflang
Dark Raver Baby Boom rec. Stefan Sweet , also known as Segasteve,The Dominator.
Distortion George Ruseler
Distortion & MC Raw Rige , Search rec. George Russeler & Ricky RTC member 
Dyprax  Masters of Hardcore Robert Ter Harmsel
Evil Maniax Paul Roger Elstak & R. Christensen
Evil Activities Neophyte rec.

Telly Luyks & Kelly Van Soest. New talents of Rotterdam. Consider to be the next generation of Hardcore artists! They produced various hits.

Euromasters Rotterdam rec. H.Reefboer , T.Hooihouse
E-rick & Tactic Erik Amsterdam & Martijn Engbrenghoff

Endymion  Enzyme records

Jelle Neys, Bart Revier and Bas Lint . The founders of the succesful Enzyme-label!Official Gangsta Audiovisuals & Supreme Intelligence DJ 's & Live P.A.



Charley Schrijn



Danny Weeland. Recording/Performing Artist.


Funny Gabber Freaks Ferry Salee (DJ Gizmo) & Robert Gilmore (Rob Gee)
General Noise M. Oudijn & M. van der Padt

Ferry Salee, also known as Radical Motion,M-Pool,T.O.P.D.R.O.P.,Hardcore Society

G-Town Madness Eelke Kalberg - DJ Mad-E-fact & Richard Jonkman - DJ Crossbone
Hard SL Dennis van Oenen
Hamanuptra Rienk Baritius

Headbanger  Rotterdam rec., Rige Ent. BV

Rob Fabrie

Holy Noise Paul Roger Elstak & Rob Fabrie
Hard Creation = Neophyte Forze Rec. Jeroen Streunding,Dennis Copier - DJ Neophyte & DJ Panic
Isaac 2. DJ Isaac  3.Official page Roel Schutrups  known as DJ Ferocius
J.D.A Shadowlands, Search rec. Org: A & A Prod. Leon Hoeks Now, he recently signed up with Masters Of Hardcore and he's moving on to the next stage of his hardcore career  
Juggernaut P. Van Kerckhoven = DJ Ruffneck, also known as Asylum
Korsakoff Jeroen kanon
Knightvision  Enzyme records Hardcore producer & labelmanger from Enzyme K7. She is the most mysterious Enzyme member. She has never been seen in public. And that's how she likes it.
King Dale  Marc  Pols & Erick de Koning
Kasparov Bas Oskam
Lyrix Alexander Bentlage
Lunalotic Arno Schoutrop & Patrick van Kerckhoven

Michael Klaassen. Known as Tellurian and Leviathan, is the man behind the Cenobite label

Lady Dana Dana van Dreven
Mainframe  Offensive records Jan Dijkema
Magnum Michael Klaassen
Marshall Masters Acardipane/Sir Shawn
MegashiraOrganisation: Eugene van Brakel. Also knwn as: Project omeaga, project-omeaga
Miss Hysteria - Bassmachine Records Malin Kolbrink
MC Raw Ricky Peroti - RTC member
Mainframe   O3 Records Jan Dijkem.  Info
Men Of Steel Paul Roger Elstak & Jeroen Streunding
Masters of Hardcore - Bass D & King Matthew Eugenio Aubry Dorwart & Matthijs Hazeleger
Masters of Hardcore  Bass D & King Mathew. Masters of Hardcore was born at 1996 in the Hemkade in Zaandam (NL). Presenting the best of the best in hardcore, they made her name true. After 1998.... Masters of Hardcore started to organize their parties as an independent and Bass-D & King Matthew decided to continue to produce hardcore music on the Masters of Hardcore label.
Their first party was completely sold out and from that moment on hardcore could breath again. Bass-D & King Matthew teamed up with DJ Buzz Fuzz, DJ Paul and Masochist, The and the Masters of Hardcore label became more popular then ever. Masters of Hardcore has grown to be one of the most popular hardcore concepts of the world. As long as the die-hard crowd is there, Masters of Hardcore will continue to bring the harder sounds to you.
Sublabels: Darkcore, Overload Records
Masters of Ceremony = Neophyte Forze Rec. Jeroen Streunding, Telly Luyks, Kelly Van Soest Info
Nexes John van Vianen, Patrick Engelen


Barend Zevenbergen


Negative A  = DR-Z Vago... DNA records Angelo Goede. Aliases: Catkiller, D.O.C.,  DJ XD, Dr. Z-Vago, Goliath, Michelangelo, Roughrider, Ruffian, Triest Geval, Vacorps  Dark, negative and antisocial Info
Nitrogenetics Rick Rozema & Tim Rozema Info
Nosferatu Erwin van Kan. One of the most talented producers in the scene. Besides being a producer he's behind the wheel of steels every weekend to infect the world with the Enzyme virus.The name Nosferatu is project name Patrick van Kerckhoven came up with for an early release on Ruffneck Records together with F. Henderson. The alias was later used as a project name by Van Kerckhoven and Erwin van Kan.
Neophyte Neophyte records Jeroen Streunding. Know as Bodylotion, Masters of Ceremony, Hard Creation.He is the leader of Neophyte. Relased classics like Braincracker, Always hardcore, Get this motherfucker and many many more. The hardest man in Rotterdam.  
Noizer M. Oudijn  
Ophidian Supreme Intelligence, Enzyme (X), Meta4 Conrad Hoyer Info
Outblast  - M.O.H.

Marc Out.  2005 - For the first time in history a hardcore artist will go in concert. This artist who came all the way from the danceflor...The DJ with a heart for hardcore ... The grand master of The Skull Dynasty entered our mainstage for the last time ever. His legendary career started with Masters of Hardcore and it could only end with Masters of Hardcore.His last performance ending career was held on Masters of Hardcore 2017 - The Skull Dynasty.

Prolaxx Jonathan Polak Info
 raiser  Make you Dance rec. Wesley van Swol Info
Prowler Martijn Horsselenberg
Predator S. Scheltema
Promo   Thirdmovement

Sebastian Hoff, Also known as Brian Acardy,Rude Awakening.

Style: Industrial Hardcore.

DJ Paul Offensive records, Rotterdam rec. Paul Roger Elstak   known as Hard Attack, Too fast for mellow,  E Wax, Two Terrorists, Evil Maniax, Bonzai, Bald Terror, Holy Noise. He is one of the biggest artists in the scene of worldwide Hardcore...a creator of Hardcore sound.. a legend!  
Pavo Paul van de Vooren,Dutch Hardcore-DJ & -producer
Panic  Offensive records Dennis Copier. One of the first e one of the greatest hardcore deejays from rotterdam. From 1993 has been present on every important party in Holland. He is producing on Rotterdam records & Forze records.  
Party animals Paul, Abraxas, Patrick, Robert, Flamman, Michael
Re-Style  - Masters of Hardcore rec. Mathijs Maas
Rotterdam Termination Source Maurice Steenbergen
Rotterdam Terror Corps Org,: Rige Ent. BV DJ Distortion: George Ruseler & MC Raw:Ricky Peroti. Known for sucessful tracks like Raveworld, There is only one terror and many many more. Great live acts with erotic scenes & kinky dancers! RTC fanpage:
Ruffneck Ruffneck, Ruffex Patrick Van Kerckhoven known as Wedlock, Trickster, D'Spyre, Asylum,Knightvision
Reanimator Patrick Moerland known also as Pinnhead
Rudeboy Masters of Hardcore rec.
Shadowlands Terrorists Patrick Vincent, L.Hoeks,R.v.Grisven
The Outside Agency Mokum Records Known from their releases on Mokum Records, and their new experimental tracks.
The Playah Jim Hermsen , Aliases: Jim Hermsen, Jixx
T-Junction Tim Paalhaar. Comes with the perfect crossover of party style hardcore and bangin' beats. Nowadays he is working his way up for a professional studio. T-Junction is co-responsible for one of the biggest hits of 2004: "What's Up With Life". Together with Osiris he forms a DJ-Team that's being backed-up by MC Madness.
The Vizitor Paul Volkers
Tripax Robert Gilmore, Mark Vos & Ferry Salee
Too Fast For Mellow Paul Roger Elstak & K. Gravenveld
The Illegal Alien----------------------------- Peter-Paul Pigmans  - tommy3 steps ahead member
The Hitmen (Mick Grunder & Paul Elstak) Mick Grunder & Paul Roger Elstak Info
Temper Tantrum Rob Ryan, Alex Chesler & Oliver Chesler
The Viper Melvin Pelupessy
The Prophet Dov Elkabas-

The Masochist

D.J. Elkabas / R. Stichter.

Also known as The Prophet, Marquiz de Sade, Dream team (with Buzz Fuzz,Gizmo and Dano)

Tellurian  Mokum Rec., Cenobyte Rec Michel Klaassen  known as Leviathan, Brainiac
T-Wisted BZRK rec. M. van Duivenboden & R. Heysteeg.
Weirdo Dennis Doeland,Dutch Hardcore-DJ & -producer. Also A&R-manager for some ID&T-Hardcore-labels
Waxweazle = Rob Fabrie Richardem Falbriem known as Holy Noise, Chipo chipolata... more info under Rob Fabrie !
Weapon X  Enzyme records -
Wedlock & Nosferatu Wedlock = DJ Ruffneck Wedlock - Patrick.Van Kerchoven
Darrien Kelly  Darrien Kelly
The Berzerker    
. .
Canadian Speedcore Resistance DJ Plague  
Cut A Kaos

Alexander Friedlhumer.

Historical deejay of Swiss hardcore.Actually he is organizing the biggest hardcore association in Switzerland.His look and his style are unique.

Miss Flower   Traxtorm rec. & Mortal recordings. Malika Ben Hammouda. Info
Dark Syndicate Stephan Scheltema & Patrick van Kerckhoven. Members: DJ Ruffneck, Predator.
Dark Side Of The Shroom Omar Santana
Rob Gee R.Gicolore
Tron Jeff Besler
Omar Santana    H2oh Recordings Omar Santana known as The New York Terrorist, Carjacker,  Oh Oh, Hard Toop Heathen, Dark side of the Shroom, wizard Of Oh, Oh'Bonic  
MC Rage Ronnie Lee, member of So-Real crew
The Horrorist

Oliver Chestler

Lenny Dee  Industrial Strength rec. Leonard DiDesidareo. The real one industrial man...arrives from New York, a creator of Industrial Strength.  
Arjuna Michiel Greuter
Arjuna & Beyonder M.A. Greuter & Rodney Balai
Attic R.De Jong

DOA - Disciples Of Annihilation Industrial Strength

Delta Nine   Industrial Strength

Dave Rogers  épithète Record.

One of the most respected deejays of Indastrial hardcore

Delirium M.O.H Producer, Search records Jeremy Malvasia, also known as Mind Candy
Noize Creator
Hooligan Frank Tomiczek
Speedfreak Martin Damm. Also know as Search & Destroy, Biochip
Walter One Walter Severini
DJ the Producer -
Hellfish -
DJ Supreme -
Minister so sinister -
Narc -
Secret Squirrel -
Scott Brown Scott Brown, also known as Annihilator, Firestarter, Interstate
The Viper M.Pelupessy