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A NIGHTMARE OUTDOOR 2009 - The last daylight

Live registration - 5. May 2009 (DVD)


Live registration - 15.09.2007

More info: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1159950


Live registration of Defqon 1 2006. 17-6-2006


On the 24th of March thousands of people gathered at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam to join The Resistance Below, an underground movement lead by one man.. PROMO. The Resistance Below DVD is the essential live registration for those who attended the event. Going beyond The Resistance Below, the registration features the complete event from doors open to the last record played through the eyes of the crowd and the artists. Featuring exclusive backstage footage, the complete story told in sound and vision and more. Included with the DVD is a truly unique disc; a classic Promo mix! Based on the live recording of the Promo sets at The Resistance Below, the dark, melodic and experimental sides of hardcore are represented with style. Finishing with a peak into the future through the battle with Unexist, this mix-cd is a collectors item for any hardcore follower familiar with the Promo sound.



Live Registration 04.11.06

The annual Project Hardcore.nl event returned to the mighty Silverdome Ice Stadium on the 4th of November 2006, embracing more than 6000 hardcore fanatics who gathered for ten hours of pure hardcore madness. The DVD is best to be described as a highly essential live registration DVD if you were one of the 6000 people present at this Project Hardcore.nl edition, or for any true hardcore fan out there. A more than one hour live registration of Project Hardcore.nl containing live recorded audio in 5.1 Dolby Digital quality. As extras, footage of The Tunnel of Rave (area 2), the Project Hardcore.nl photo gallery with more than 100 party pictures and the official Project Hardcore.nl CD & DVD trailer can be found!



OUTBLAST  - Hardcore in concert (2005)

Also contains a DVD with a registration of the DJ  concert in Beursgebouw Eindhoven on march 12th 2005.


Registration of the Masters Of Hardcore party held at Westfalenhallen Dortmund (Germany), Oktober 7th, 2006. It was the time to face your fear.

A brutal savage line up of devastating artists played their game on life or death and their nefarious plan was terrifying real. An overpowering volume of hardcore beats was blown into the masters of hardcore zone and on this dvd you can see all the highlights of the event and feel that fear again...

The DVD is filles with reports of the incredible main stage and the reunion area, but also with behind the scene recordings and off course the videoclip of the anthem made by Dj Day-Mar. Enter a new world of hardcore, when Masters of Hardcore blows your brains out!!

Masters Of Hardcore Release date: 22-12-2006


NEOPHYTE WORLD TOUR ‘06 – One Year On A Daft Planet

What all started on the 28th of January 2006 in The Bridge in Germany, was ended exactly one year later in the city that invented, breaths and lives hardcore: Rotterdam. The 27th of January 2007 saw the final date of what has been a memorable year for the three amigo’s Jeroen Streunding, Danny Greten and Jarno Butter, better known as the worldwide established and immensely popular hardcore group, Neophyte.... This DVD registration of the Neophyte World Tour ’06 is a 90 minute uncensored opportunity to experience the performances of these three hardcore grandmasters and their label mates on stage. Take a glimpse backstage to see what the audience is not allowed to see, witness their legendary hotel room after parties and accompany them on their many journeys from and to their gigs.



Registration of the Masters Of Hardcore party held at Brabanthallen Den Bosch (Netherlands), February 10th, 2007.


9th Of September - Live Registration

For The Second Time In The History Of Hardcore Events,A Nightmare In Rotterdam Presented The 100% All Night Long Hardcore Only Festival "A Nightmare Outdoor
"This Is A Must Have For Your Collection !


Recorded Live 24.06.2006 Beursgebouw Eindhoven


Saturday 01-10-2005 :: Silverdome, Zoetermeer


RUDE AWAKENING - Forward observer (DJ Promo -  CD + DVD) 2006


Forward Observer contains quite a mixed bag of sounds. "This work is based on things with which I have grown up: electro, hip-hop, Aphex Twin. The biggest influence comes out of the breakbeat rave period. That is the feeling that predominated in the studio. Altern 8, that type of stuff. But with a techno industrial feel of course." The result of almost fifteen years experience and development in the music world, it seeks to look ahead by looking back. "It is a record that I have been wanting to make for a very long time and I am very proud of it. This is my vision of the hard, extreme techno genre. Hard techno has become very insipid, I think. Nobody has tried developing that side of the spectrum. It is also a call to arms to others: People, we can still take this music into many new directions."

Rude Awakening: Forward Observer CD+DVD is out now on the r_AW label. More information on Rude Awakening and Club r_AW on http://www.thirdmovement.nl




Dj Promo - The revolutionist (2CD+ DVD) 2006

CD 3 is a dvd which features the visual side of "The Revolutionist" containing old and new footage shot during the many parties Promo played in the Netherlands and far beyond.
From the highlight at Sensation Black to an illegal rave in a factoryhall om Siberia.
This wide selection of events and behind the decks moments, places the viewer next to Promo himself, and gives a thrilling impression of the reach of his music.'


OUTBLAST 2006 - Hardcore in concert (promo DVD)


Date: 11.3.2006

Location: Beursgebouw Eindhoven

Artist: DJ outblast



Promo DVD'tje van Outblast om weer een kleine 20
minuten zoet mee te zijn :> Denk niet dat je nu een
volledige dvd op je HDD'tje hebt staan want het enige
wat je op de dvd zult vinden is een Megamix van Outblast
in concert 2005 en een trailer van het feest in 2006.


NEGATIVE A - Double Negative  (2CD+ DVD)

CD 3 (DVD)
Featuring a videomix of Negative A playing at some of the greatest events in Holland. All to the soundtracks of his hit tracks . This DVD also includes a slideshow of hand picked photos from Negative A himself showing some of his best parties, poses and friends.


MASTERS OF HARDCORE - Design the future (2009)

Registration of the Masters Of Hardcore party 7th March 2009

MASTERS OF HARDCORE - The Genesis Of The Hardcore Legacy

Registration of the Masters Of Hardcore party held at Brabanthallen Den Bosch (Netherlands), February 18th, 2006.

MOH vs. HELLRAISER - The rise of underground forces  (2003)

The date was the 20th of december 2003.



MASTERS OF HARDCORE - Outbreak Of The Hardcore Psychopaths (2005)


The date was the 8th of October 2005. The setting was the Westfalen Hallen Dortmund. As many predicted, this became a memorable day in hardcore history. Only the hardest and craziest hardcore psychopaths travelled to Dortmund and witnessed the hardest hardcore event ever! On this DVD you will find the live registration of the loudest Masters of Hardcore event ever given and for the underground pleasure we included the best footage of the production. The artists, the laser and light shows and of course the fans pounding on the dancefloor! Play this DVD and get infected with the poison.


MASTERS OF HARDCORE - Unleash the beast (2004)

Registration of the biggest M.O.H.party Ever In Thialf Stadium Heerenveen. If you where not there, here is what you missed. On the 10th of september 2004 , art of dance organised the biggest MOH party ever in the Thialf Stadion. More then 15.000 hardcore freaks gathered and proved they could not be denied. ....

DVD rip


MASTERS OF HARDCORE - The reincarnation of forbidden sounds  (2003)

Live registration  - 22th march 2003, Beursgebouw Eindhoven, masters of hardcore rocked the Beursgebouw Eindhovenfor the second time. With this dvd you can re-live the atmosphere once again. If you wheren't there , you can now witness what you missed. . Feel the atmosphere of 10.000 party people rockin on pure hardcore ! DVD contain DJ's live acts, impressions, shows, lasershows....


MASTERS OF HARDCORE  - 10 years of core supremacy  (2005)

Live registration of the celebration - 23th april 2005, Thialf stadion Heerenveen. This year masters of hardcore celebrated their 10 years of core supremacy. The location was the Thialf stadium and to make it even bigger than the last edition masters of hardcore also used the ice hockey stadium attached to the thialf. 19.000 hardcore fans gathered to show their respect and support to the biggest and most dedicated hardcore event in the world. On this dvd you will find the live registration of 10 years of MOH "the core supremacy".


Neophyte - 13 Jaar Terreur


Neophyte, one of the globally most well known and most respected hardcore groups, has been active in the hardcore scene for 13 years now. A great opportunity to capture the past 13 years of this illustrious hardcore threesome on DVD.

This DVD is Dutch
Spoken Languages: Dutch & English

Extra`s: Bloopers, 13 years Neophyte Photo`s, 10 years Neophyte - The Party, Videoclips of "Always Hardcore", "Hardcore To The Bone" & "Alles Kapot"





Disc 3 is a DVD  including:
- Videoclip "A Hardcore State Of Mind" and "Bombing Eardrumz"
- Making of the videoclip "A Hardcore State Of Mind"
- Offensive On Tour
- Interview with : DJ Paul, Firestone, MC Ruffian
- Photogallery




Dominator (2005)


Live registration -  30-07-2005  Recreational Area Rutbeek, Enschede (Netherlands)

The 3 big ones Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome and Q-dance made the world shiver  with the ultimate outside hardcore event Dominator. From all over the globe people visited this  huge event in the City of Enschede.  73 Deejays and 8 liveacts. On this  dvd you will find all the incredible things domination had to ofer. Check out the footage of massive masters of hardcore stage. the mindblowing thunderdome stage and the back to the past houseklassics stage... more info see on cover ;)




Nightmare in Rotterdam - Welcome to wonderland  (2005)

The legend returned to Rotterdam on the 28th of February 2004… you weren't able to ever sleep again on the 11th of December 2004… 15.000 hardcore freakz partied outdoor all night long on the beach of Hoek van Holland on the 28th of May 2005 during Nightmare Outdoor, by many hardcore fans and critics labelled as “one of the best hardcore events ever held”…

and on Saturday the 17th of December 2005, Nightmare went indoors again for the third Ahoy' edition of a legendary hardcore concept: A Nightmare in Rotterdam !

For this “Welcome to Wonderland ” edition, two areas of the Ahoy' complex were fully equipped to receive 15.000 hardcore maniacs to party early rave and present hardcore style. The best in light and laser equipment, a 100% Nightmare approved line-up and of course the blasting Nightmare Outdoor sound system were present on the 17th of December to rock tha masses.

Check out the DJ sets and live performances by artists like Neophyte, Evil Activities, Endymion, Outblast, Ophidian, DJ Panic, Tha Playah, Angerfist, JDA, DJ Vince, DJ Rob & MC Joe, Stanton, Scott Brown, Waxweazle, the incredible chaotic live performance by Bodylotion and the horrific stage act of Shocking Delight! A true live registration not to be missed in any hardcore collection…


Nightmare outdoor (2005)

Saturday the 28th of May 2005 will be a date remembered by many hardcore headz.... On this date, history was written at the beach of Hoek van Holland where over 10.000 people became a part of this unique outdoor edition of Nightmare: A Nightmare Outdoor, the all night long 100% hardcore festival.
The amazing location at sea, the boats drifting by behind the main stage, the line-up of 44 of the best hardcore artists who all played amazing sets, the breathtaking decoration, the unlimited blazing soundsystems in all four areas, the stunning lightshow and fireworks, the beautiful weather... all ingredients that made A Nightmare Outdoor a huge success! And even the biggest party critic had to admit when the sun rose at 05.30 and created a magical moment on the festival: this has to be one of the best hardcore parties ever.

This live registration contains the DJ and live sets of all Nightmare Outdoor artist on the main stage and in the present hardcore, the old school and the terror / industrial area, a photo gallery with amazing festival pictures, backstage material and last but not least, the fantastic Nightmare Outdoor party people who created an awesome atmosphere and turned this Nightmare Outdoor into a legendary party!

MAIN FILM - REGISTRATION OF ALL AREA´S (more than 1,5 hrs.!)
PHOTO GALLERY (over 300 party pictures!)
EXTRA FEATURES (Behind the scenes / Commercials)


A nightmare in Rotterdam - The legend returns (2004)

Live registration of "The Legend Returns" party hold on 28/02/2004

On the 28th of February 2004, the legendary "A Nightmare In Rotterdam" returned to it`s roots in Rotterdam at the famous and huge A-location Ahoy`. 12.000 party people from all around Europe found their way to Rotterdam this night to go balistic to the sounds of the absolute elite of hardcore DJ`s and liver performers such as Dj Lars, Rob & MC Joe, Evil Activities, Promo, Panic, RTC, Endymion, Paul, Neophyte, Stunned Guys and Dark Raver. This DVD contains the DJ Sets and live sets of all artists present, "behind the scene" footage, an extensive photo gallery and extra`s

- Live Registration "A Nightmare in Rotterdam"
- Photo Gallery
- Behind the scenes
- Extra`s


Megarave 2005

Live registration - 31st december 2004, Condor city Enschede... you could experience the loudest soundsystem of the year, the best atmosphere and thousands of hardcore maniacs at the megarave. Condorcity enschede was the place where you could enjoy more than 30 djs and liveacts. The countdown ... DVD contains people, the best animations and loads of artists. If you can find it, you can see a special tribute by DJ Vince, but this is for the die-hards only.



Hellraiser 2005

Live registration - 5th february 2005. Get ready for the doomiest hardcore DVD ever. During the Hellraiserparty, people could see how we make a person suffer to the flash ! You can witness the true torcher on this episode of Hellraiser . The Suffering area is now a legendary place where deejays played their scary shit on the wheels of steel. The rememberance area was also witness of pure suffering... you will see ...



Live registration - 22th november Gelreddme Arnhem - NL. Worship the prophecy of the harder styles....



The Darkraver

Live registration - 12th July 2003. ID&T presents. DVD with the live-set of Darkraver at Sensation Black 2003,



Project Hardcore 2004

Live registration



Hellraiser 2003


Live registration - 26th april 2003



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